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About RPI-CS, Inc.

RPI-CS, Inc. is an experienced IT systems integrator and all-encompassing service provider specializing in high performance computing (HPC), large data center integration and data life cycle management. We are highly skilled in commercial and public sector environments on the state, local and federal level.

RPI creates solutions that ensure the most effective computing environment for our customers. Our group of IT consultants offers the widest range of products and services available above and beyond our competitors. We identify the driving requirements and then develop the best balance of cost, performance, reliability and maintainability.

RPI consistently lives up to our highly regarded industry reputation, propelled by our passionate drive to embrace new technologies. Our trusted professionals continually evaluate the evolution of existing technology and monitor for new and emerging (or disruptive) technologies. We then design solutions that enhance company productivity, produce measurable results and deliver long-term manageability.

We Create Solutions

RPI-CS, Inc. ensures success on projects of any scale, large or small, with our customized approach of “Design. Integrate. Maintain. Protect.” Our thorough analysis of complex and persistent issues results in lasting solutions.


RPI specializes in high performance computing (HPC) systems, plus distributive compute environments, data capture, scale-out and scale-up systems.


RPI creates compute environments that work by validating components and systems to ensure they are compatible, serviceable and reliable.


RPI offers superior engineering resources to support our customers for the entire life cycle of their system that also enhance productivity and produce measurable results.


RPI has assembled and supported some of the best-protected systems in the world, from system hardening and external treat protection to insider threat detection and behavioral analytics.

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