Solid Integration

“RPI offers successful integration with ongoing, effective maintenance.”

RPI-CS, Inc. knows that a technologically sound system design is only a viable solution if it can be successfully incorporated into your current computing environment. As a leading provider of engineering solutions for the integration and upgrade of high-end computing solutions in the defense and intelligence community, we bring a diverse and wide array of integration services to the table.

RPI seamlessly connects customers and vendors to reduce the time it takes to bring the design to the required end user. Our team is highly skilled and possesses the tools that make critical components work together. We continuously strive to meet the key performance objectives and provide the highest performance levels possible. Our collaborative approach produces the maximum output and added value to your project.

RPI upholds our high standards of excellence by implementing an appropriate maintenance plan after a successful integration to provide for truly successful results. Our customers think of us as members of their team. If you encounter a problem, we’ll be there to help you through it and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


Powerful Design Solutions for Mission-Critical Assignments


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