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RPI-CS, Inc. offers cutting-edge solutions to complex IT system integration needs. As a highly skilled group of IT consulting experts with diverse experience, we focus on High Performance Computing (HPC), large data system integration and data lifecycle management. RPI offers the widest range of products and services available in commercial and public sector environments at the state, local and federal levels.

Why choose RPI? It’s simple. We actually do the work we say we do and have been serving the best interests of our customers since 2003. RPI is a versatile IT systems integrator that offers validated components, high-end consulting services and point solutions, all the way to turnkey systems.

We’ll either create a customized solution from start to finish or work in tandem with an IT department in need of access to our expertise and experience. We thrive on helping our customers succeed, all while remaining completely vendor-neutral.


About Us

RPI-CS, Inc. is a trusted expert in the world of IT systems integration, High Performance Computing (HPC), High Availability (HA) design, large capacity/high speed Storage Area Networking (SAN) and Internet Protocol (IP) networking. Founded in 2003, we continue to evolve, adapt and thrive.

RPI embraces progressive technologies and implements design solutions that remain vendor-neutral. We’ve collaborated with multi-billion dollar, large-scale integrators who recognize our capabilities and respect our ethics. All RPI employees undergo background checks and/or have TS/SCI clearances and share our vision of a secure future.

RPI helps our customers solve problems requiring highly technical skills coupled with implementation expertise. We succeed due to our extensive knowledge, tenacity, execution and delivery abilities.

RPI creates solutions, streamlines projects and delivers results on schedule without ever sacrificing quality. We work with our customers from start to finish, continuing to meet the ever-changing needs of technology, security, storage and more. RPI remains an authoritative leader in the industry.

Core Strength

RPI-CS, Inc. understands design and fosters the evolution of computing systems. Our conceptual blueprints draw upon our industry experience and expertise to accommodate our customers’ needs. We handle the technical specifications of a project and actively facilitate vendor-neutral relationships to ensure the best possible solution is implemented. RPI creates systems architectures that thrive in high-performance environments and meet demanding requirements that enhance performance, allow for instituting changes quickly and provide affordability.

We offer an incredibly diverse range of storage possibilities and take pride in effectively managing the details of critical components. RPI-CS, Inc. strengthens the execution of our customers’ projects by implementing comprehensive storage solutions. We excel in terms of moving and storing files in a way that reduces the complexity of the systems involved. Since a company or organizations can only be productive when the right tools and data are available, RPI makes the business of file storage automatic, highly available and easily manageable.

Our customers are at the forefront of computing technology and require unique challenges solved. We know designing a solid High Performance Computing (HPC) solution is much more than simply obtaining the latest and most expensive HPC equipment on the market. To us, a solid HPC system architecture begins with understanding our customers’ needs and listening to their specific requirements. This customer-centric focus allows RPI-CS, Inc. to design a solution to meet even the most demanding HPC requirements.

In today’s world, data and asset protection ranks highly among the list of priorities for IT managers. RPI-CS, Inc. understands these urgencies and provides all-compassing solutions for disaster prevention/recovery. The range of options include High Availability (HA) clustered servers and applications, redundant storage solutions and remote site replication. RPI designs and delivers an array of Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions, from a simple backup and recovery solution to complex off-site data replication architectures.

A technologically sound system design is only a solution if it can be successfully incorporated into a computing environment. RPI-CS, Inc. is a leading provider of engineering solutions for the integration and upgrade of high-end computing solutions. Since we don’t solely align with any particular manufacturer, RPI evaluates each manufacturer’s products and selects the best components for that project. We connect customers and vendors to reduce the time it takes to bring a design to the end user.

RPI-CS, Inc. has extensive experience with system security in a multitude of environments. Our in-house experts are responsible for identifying vulnerabilities, managing risks and hardening systems according to your cognizant authority’s Information Assurance (IA) or security requirements. We continuously monitor industry-wide security threats and evaluate the actual threat context to provide you with sound security guidance. We analyze and evaluate new security tools and products available to provide the highest level of system security for your specific computing environment. We have extensive experience with unclassified and classified systems security for numerous organizations nationwide.

Our elite team of IT consulting experts focus on what’s best for our customers. RPI-CS, Inc. embraces an innovative, full-service approach to solve persistent problems with customized results and validated components. As a highly skilled integrator, we provide services, products and systems solutions — from point solutions all the way to turnkey systems. Our vendor neutrality also means we’re not limited to a single product or service, so our customers remain at the center of everything we do.

RPI-CS, Inc. thrives on working closely with our customers to deliver the most effective, affordable and ideal solutions to solve IT challenges. Simply put, we can bring anything and everything to the table. Our multifaceted approach entails first understanding a company and industry’s specific needs with our consulting services and then executing the best options for the customer. RPI continuously includes our customers in the conversation and works to illicit feedback to create a system that fulfills their needs. We are experienced IT practitioners who build custom solutions.


Our Reputation

RPI-CS, Inc. has an esteemed nationwide reputation as a top, independently reliable source for IT solutions. Our collaborative approach to system design and implementation allows us to fulfill our customers’ needs in ways they never

imagined possible. We’ve accumulated notable industry experts, diverse field experience and a reputation for implementing profitable computing systems.

Our goal is to architect and deliver computing systems that perform seamlessly and effectively while remaining affordable. We connect people and services while remaining completely vendor-neutral to always secure the best outcomes and outperform competitors. Our company thrives on tackling complex systems issues and quickly creates an actionable plan — all with a track record that reflects our effectiveness. RPI leads by example in the industry and uses the very latest in technologies to protect the integrity of mission-critical systems and information.


Our Philosophy

RPI-CS, Inc. prides itself on our focus of adding value to projects through a customer-centric philosophy. This means that our customers’ best interests and goals remain at the heart of all RPI services and solutions. Our experienced team contributes to success by working directly with customers throughout the entire process as part of the solution, from ideation to execution to maintenance.

Simply put, RPI enhances the productivity of computing environments. Our mission is to put the values of our services, products and customers at the center of everything we do, plus customers who have used our services in the past know that we put their needs first. We offer high standards, outstanding ethics, vendor neutrality, non-partiality and customer-centered ideals.

Our philosophy is reflective in the same way our design solutions meet high-performance standards. For IT consulting and customer service, RPI is a master in the field.



RPI-CS, Inc. strives to provide our customers with impeccable, friendly and professional services to create a truly superior IT experience. Our team is continuously growing and looking for eager new members. We encourage anyone interested in our company to reach out to RPI for any career or internship opportunities available.

First and foremost, RPI is a team that works in tandem to deliver the best solutions and innovations within the industry. While we have generalists and specialists, all of our employees support each other and can reach out to anyone in the company. Our end goal is always effectively solving customers’ problems as quickly as possible.

RPI prioritizes that everyone within the company continues their technical training, and we provide our employees with guidance and encouragement to keep our team growing. If you’re interested in joining the RPI team, please contact us at:

RPI-CS, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and participates in E-Verify.


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