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“RPI expertly architects quality and skillfully executes design solutions.”

RPI-CS, Inc. specializes in innovative, cutting-edge solutions that solve your simplest or most complex, High Performance Computing (HPC) requirements. We take direction from your ideas, needs and requirements. RPI provides the expertise and abilities to execute all phases needed for a successful deployment by skillfully crafting designs that provide a truly comprehensive solution.

RPI provides design integrity by maintaining a collaborative yet vendor-neutral approach to all of our projects. We embrace a customer-centric philosophy and our vendor neutrality prevents any bias that clouds our competitors’ judgment. By evaluating each manufacturer’s products, we build solutions that best fit your particular system requirements.

RPI comfortably leads projects regardless of their scope or time frame with an emphasis on excellence and quality. We effectively resolve your top technology challenges and issues by adapting to your unique specifications. Our design focuses on employing innovative information technology and architecture components that appropriately fit your specific needs.

RPI has an industry-renowned reputation for our ability to quickly create an actionable plan to solve complex systems obstacles. Once we construct your solutions, we seamlessly integrate them into your architecture.


Powerful Design Solutions for Mission-Critical Assignments


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